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About Us

We are a group of people interested in 18th-century history, focussed on the life of the Loyalist soldiers and their families as they struggled to stay loyal to England and King George III in the face of determined American Patriotism and revolutionary fervour in the year 1780.  We portray a group of families, driven from their lands and attempting to reach safety in Canada.


We participate in period re-enactments, mostly in Ontario and upstate New York, which is where the First Battalion of the original 84th did most of its service.


Our goal: to represent as accurately as possible, the life of a loyalist group attached to a large military unit on campaign during the American rebellion.  We endeavour to make all our clothes and equipment as true to the period as we can by using patterns and fabrics that are backed up by verified research and known sources.

We are looking for recruits!

Are you interested in wearing one of the most famous uniforms in military history, the red coats and "Black Watch" kilts of His Britannic Majesty King George III's Highland Regiments?  Or would you like to portray one of the people who accompanied an 18th century army including "camp followers", children, scouts, trades people, etc?  


We welcome anyone who has an interest in exploring the 18th century by really living it.  

If you are interested in joining the re-enacting hobby contact us at

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